Three Dark Crowns - Kendare Blake

Kendare Blake holds an MA in creative writing from Middlesex University in northern London. She is the author of Anna Dressed in Blood, a Cybils Awards finalist; Girl of Nightmares; Antigoddess; Mortal Gods; and Ungodly. Her books have been translated into eighteen languages, have been featured on multiple best-of-year lists, and have received many regional and librarian awards. Kendare lives and writes in Kent, Washington. 

Becoming the Queen Crowned of Fennbirn isn’t just a matter of royal’s about strength, skill, and survival. In every generation, a set of triplets is born: three girls, separated at a young age, who must use their coveted magic in a battle that will cost two of them their lives, while the victor gets the crown. Mirabella is a fierce elemental whose power can be channeled through hungry flames or vicious storms. Katharine, a poisoner, has the deadliest of potions at her disposal and can consume them without any effect. And Arsinoe, a naturalist, has the ability to command any animal to do whatever she pleases. With powers that intense, this will surely be a fight to remember.

The shameful truth, though, is that Katharine and Arsinoe have yet to manifest any magic. Once the sisters turn sixteen and meet again, it will be impossible to hide—from the people of Fennbirn and from each other. However, the Arrons and Milones, the families who raised Katharine and Arsinoe respectively, won’t give up their chance at the throne without a fight. Let the battle for Queen begin.

With the recent success of Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen and Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass series, fantasy is having a bestselling moment in the marketplace. With rich world building, life-or-death stakes, and an entangled plot of twists and turns, Three Dark Crowns has what it takes to be a top contender among other popular YA fantasies.  

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